Ad Hoc Teams

Step up and become part of an Ad Hoc Team! This is a great opportunity to take on responsibilities for Christ. No experience needed!

Information Systems Team:
Kathlyn Talapian (Chair)
Nat Mayugba
Van Dominic Melad
Mark Bibat

Health Team:
Celinne Mencias, RN (Chair)
Lea Reniva
Kazelyn Talapian

Prayer Circle:
Clergy Advisor (Chair)
Yza Mitra
Mandy Cyrwus
Caleb Vidad

Cabin Leaders:

Family Group Leaders:

Resolutions Committee:
Joash Mencias (Chair)
Pastor Nancy Hunter
Linette Romualdo
Kristine Hayag
Tim Mohammad

Screening Committee:
Lay Advisor
Clergy Advisor
Staff Representative
Youth Representative
Young Adult Representative