Interest Groups

1. Hand Mime

Worship God with glowing hands! Through hand mime, we will learn the value of cooperation, coordination and unity. Every hand is important in hand mime. Together, we can make images that can reflect the wonders of the Lord

Accepts: 1 group (15 delegates)
Facilitator: Kathlyn Talapian and Kazelyn Talapian

2. Ballroom Dancing

A new addition to CI! Want to impress someone for the upcoming school dance? Learn a couple of steps and tips in this fun workshop.

Accepts: 1 group (10 delegates)
Facilitators: Ann Mitra

3. Cultural and Contemporary Dancing

Want to develop your inner “Happy Feet?” Bust a move and take this exciting workshop!

Accepts: 2 groups (12 delegates)
Facilitators: Missy Yabes and Pamela Villaflor

4. Free verse

Express yourself through spoken word and musical free verse in this brand new workshop! No rapping experience required!

Accepts: 2 groups (15 delegates)
Facilitators: Dan Edward Baroja

6. Visual Art

Pour out your heart and mind in paper and create a magnificent work of art dedicated to God. With tips and techniques from your facilitator, produce pictures that do not only reflect the agape love of God, but also show skill and quality. Put your artistic creativity into action! In this workshop, make personal artwork and collaborate with others for a big group project.

Accepts: 1 Group (10 delegates)
Facilitator: Joash Mencias



1. A History of Hymns

Ever wonder where those songs we sing during Sunday service come from? Join this new workshop! It is sure to enlighten!

Facilitator: Pastor Reuel Talapian

2. So You Think You Can Lead: CI Leadership 101

Did you know CI is designed almost entirely by youth and young adults? Learn what these amazing young people do in a behind-the-scenes look at how this year’s CI was created.

Facilitator: 2013 CI Staffs

3. Learning How to Teach: Serving for Sunday School and Bible Study

A great learning workshop for those interested in serving through their church’s Christian Education department. Divided into two peer groups (younger youth and older youth/adults).

Facilitator: Pastor Hannah Kardon and Tita Joann Melad

4. Leading Outside the Church

Learn about being a worship leader beyond the four walls of your church in this interesting yet practical workshop!

Facilitator: Pastor Vic Melad