Code of Conduct

All delegates, leaders, staff, and visitors must abide to these guidelines throughout Christmas Institute. These codes of conduct must be followed to keep a safe place for everyone, as well as to make the most of our camp.

GOLDEN RULE: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

PARTICIPATE IN THE ACTIVITIES: Everyone is expected to attend activities on time and participate accordingly.  Notify Camp Dean or a cabin leader if unable to do so.  Don’t forget to bring your Bible and wear your ID!

RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT: Keep away from other delegates’ belongings and personal space; be mindful of your belongings, camp is not responsible for any loss items. Boys and girls are expected to stay only in their respective lodges and refrain from visiting the opposite sex’ lodge. Inappropriate physical contact (e.g. sitting in laps, excessive embracing, smooching, etc.) will also not be tolerated.

NO DANGEROUS/ILLEGAL ITEMS ALLOWED: There is a no drug, no smoking policy in the camp at all times. Alcohol products, firearms and weapons are prohibited as well on site.

NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES: God deserves our full attention! Cellphones and other electronic devices will be confiscated if seen used during sessions. Confiscated items may be checked out after the session.

WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHES: We are in camp to revitalize our spiritual relationship with God, and we must present ourselves like children of God that we are at all times. Please wear comfortable and appropriate clothes throughout the camp. No plunging necklines, short shirts and mini-skirts. Clothing that contains offensive pictures or language, or otherwise considered inappropriate by the counselors are also not allowed.

OBSERVE QUIET HOURS AND LIGHTS OUT: Everyone is to be in his or her assigned cabin at designated time.  Please be respectful of those already resting and keep noise level down. Security Officers will patrol at 12 AM, and delegates that will be caught outside their cabins will be reported to the Camp Dean.

INFORM NURSES OF HEALTH CONCERNS: Our nurses are always armed with first aid kit. Please notify them about your health concerns or injury immediately.

VISITORS MUST REGISTER: All visitors must register upon arrival to camp in the secretariat table, and thus be recognized. They are required to wear their visitor’s ID at all times.

NOTIFY CAMP DEAN IF LEAVING CAMPGROUNDS: Delegates leaving campgrounds must secure permission from the Camp Dean before doing so. Please also register your leave in the secretariat table.

CABIN CHECKS AT THE END OF CAMP: Respect Lake Williamson Christian Center – its facilities, furnishings and grounds.  Cost for any repairs for damage will be billed to parents of/or respective delegates responsible.  Keep facilities and grounds clean. Pick up trash and place all furniture to its original position.

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON… THE LOVE OF GOD: Keep an Open Mind, most importantly, Open Heart.


Please respect the authority of all members of the NIC-CI leadership who have been trained to take on their specific roles. The Camp Dean reserves the right to dismiss from camp anyone who does not obey these regulations after a conversation with the delegate/s pastor and parents. If a camper is dismissed, there will be no refund of camp fees.