10449170_4600958680016_5591439824275011465_nApril Cyrwus is currently a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, UIC. She is an active member within Filipinos in Alliance, FIA and loves to perform Filipino Cultural dances. April hopes to have a major declared by the end of her sophomore year, but knows not to worry because God always has a plan. Within the church, she has taken on many leadership roles and hopes that her work within the church and the Northern Illinois Conference can be an example to the delegates.





“Dream with your eyes open”
Judiel Ray Bibat (also known as JRAB) was born in the PHI and grew up in the CHI. He is Biology student at the University of Illinois-Chicago, in hopes of one day becoming a doctor. JRAB has been a C.I. delegate since 2008 and has recently been involved in the staff. In 2013, he was a member of the Finance Committee, later becoming an Assistant, and just last year was the Head of Finance. He is also a member of the Edison Park UMC MYX, and is the current Secretary. Outside of church, he is an outgoing individual who is always up for an adventure. As a Co-Director, he hopes to be a good role model for many delegates and encourage other youth who have yet to experience C.I.