About Us

The Christmas Institute (CI) of the Northern Illinois Conference is an annual gathering of young people from different churches across the annual conference and neighboring states to fulfill our goal: “To know Christ and make Him Known.”

CI is a camp that surfaced from the youth’s desire to explore the parameters of their faith and their desire to learn what is required as effective servant leaders of the church even at a young age. Furthermore, they seek to not only focus on themselves, but instead exercise their faith through serving others. Their commitment is reflected in their mission statement: “We, the Northern Illinois Conference Christmas Institute, aim to empower the youth to serve the Church and community, as we are called to carry out the greatest commandment of Christ: to love God and one another.”

For many years, CI has played a meaningful part in our lives as young people, the present and the future of the church. It caters to our spiritual, emotional and social needs. It is a venue for developing our leadership skills, harnessing our character, and strengthening our faith and commitment in serving God and neighbors. Many of us young people have stood up and exemplified their leadership through this event, and even more have committed their lives to service to the community and to God.